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The purpose of this Add-On is to ease the standardization of development in the WinCC OA Environment.
This is achieved by adding Hotkeys for frequently used codestructures and a series of standardized debug-calls, as well as an expansion of the existing context menu for the GEDI file explorer.
WinCC OA 3.15
OS Systems:
Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Microsoft Windows Server 2016
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Product details

The module adds an extension to the context menu of the GEDI File-Explorer, Makros to the Script-Editor and several other useful methods for generic scripting purposes. This document details the effects on the GEDI File-Explorer and the Script-Editor.

  • easy installation
  • focused on operation ease
  • keyboard shortcuts

InnBasics includes

Context menu
The context menu is expanded by four options. This Expansion is only for the local project folder, excluding subprojects.

  • Show in Explorer, Opens a new Windows-Explorer Window focused at the location of the chosen file.
  • Create a Copy, Creates a copy of the chosen file with an added underscore in the same location.
  • Move this file, On first select the chosen file is marked internally and with the second select the marked file is placed in the chosen location.
  • Delete .bak files, Deletes the .bak files in the chosen location


  • Add Debug
  • Add Error Handler
  • Add a standardized if-query
  • Add a standardized for-loop
  • Add a standardized switch-case
  • Add a standardized function. The function returns void and has two parameters.
  • Add standardized documentation-header to a function. The header will contain the name of the function, a placeholder for the description and any parameters.


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Name Description Score SW-Ver. OS-System Date
1.0 Release 268 3.15 Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Microsoft Windows Server 2016 2018-05-08