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Recent Job Requests

Service Short Description Time Country Cooperation Effort Created at Job Company
Development: API Manager  Drivers  New Add-on  Protocol Implementation  System Extensions 
Specialist: C++ Programming  WinCC OA CTRL Programming 
Software: WinCC OA
NFC Tag Reader on Windows Tablet from 2019-05-20 to 2019-10-20 Italy remote 14 days 2019-05-20
Development: New Add-on  Project Parts  System Extensions  Widgets 
Specialist: C++ Programming 
Software: WinCC OA
QR Code Reader on Windows Tablet from 2019-05-20 to 2019-10-20 Italy remote 14 days 2019-05-20
Assistance: Consulting 
Development: New Add-on  Project Parts  Protocol Implementation  System Extensions 
Software: WinCC OA
Siemens RF1060R reader connected via USB to WinCC OA ULC UX client Italy remote 20 days 2019-06-25
Assistance: UX Design 
Development: New Add-on  Project Parts 
Specialist: WinCC OA CTRL Programming  Web Applications  UI Design 
Software: WinCC OA
Industry Sector: Water & Wastewater
Need graphical symbols (objects) library rather than existing WinCC OA library Saudi Arabia remote unknown 2019-07-18

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SloopTools connect

SloopTools connect creates an online platform within the industrial world. Using this platform, participants can work together and support each other to optimize their businesses.

Advantages through SloopTools connect:

  • Get help from other participants in your upcoming projects
  • Serve help to other participants in times you have no high utilization
  • Get special know-how from other participants
  • Find specialist on topics you miss know-how

How SloopTools connect works

Within some easy steps SloopTools connect can help you

How To - Find Services

5 easy steps to find services and get help from the community on SloopTools connect.

How To - Provide Services

5 easy steps to provide services and get jobs from the community on SloopTools connect.

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Free of Charge

Yes, our service is free for you as a service searching company.


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With SloopTools connect, you as a partner can easily and cost-effectively reach new customers without even having to manage acquisition costs and costly sales.

Reliable partner

We stand for fair and partisan cooperation.

Created by experts

We are experts ourselves and have experience in SCADA / HMI projects. And therefore we know what you need.

Ongoing new customers

You will easily and constantly get new leads and fairlead fees.

Frequently asked questions…

No, you are looking for help, you do not have to pay anything. If you want to contact a partner directly, you can also upgrade to premium.

Once you have submitted a job request, you will get instant feedback on whether there are matching partners in our database.

No, you do not have to pay from the beginning. As soon as a job request comes up and you want to answer, you need to upgrade your account from premium.

Upgrade to SloopTools Premium

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SloopTools Connectadvantages:

  • See which participants could help you with your job
  • Others can see what services and knowledge you serve on the company page
  • Get directly in contact with the participants who can help you
  • See which participants needs help from you
  • Get directly in contact with the participants who needs your help

SloopTools Storeadvantages:

  • Generate ©DoxyGen Docu for your Add-on and include it into the Add-on for free
  • Get all future premium Quality Gates for free

Pay per month

120 €

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1000 €


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